All PDGA employees must wash their hands

    • When they arrive at the gym and before they leave
    • Before and after coaching a class
    • Before and after handling food
    • Before and after using the restroom
    • Before and after helping a child tend to a cut, sore, and/or other injury
    • After handling trashcans or garbage

All PDGA employees should

    • Have temperature checked when they arrive at the gym
    • Use hand sanitizer when washing hands is not possible
    • Have a face mask with them and use it when they come within 6 feet of a gymnast
    • Avoid touching their mouth, nose, and eyes
    • Know coughing and sneezing etiquette
    • Limit close contact with others as much as possible and maintain at least six feet social distancing
    • Help keep the gym sanitized and clean
    • Not come to work if they have a frequent cough, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or recent loss of taste or smell, or if they or someone they live with has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Entering and Exiting the Gym

To limit the amount of people in the gym and to avoid crowding in the lobby area, PDGA will

    • Have one entrance and one exit
    • Place floor markers outside the gym entrance to space students and families six feet apart prior to entering the building  
    • Have staff administer temperature monitoring with a no-contact temperature gun before being allowed to enter the gym
    • Only allow ONE parent to enter with their child(ren). Parents and children must be wearing face masks. No face mask, no gym entrance. Only children attending class will be allowed to enter gym. No siblings allowed, unless registered in a class for the same day/time, and no additional parents/guardians/etc. will be allowed to enter the gym. No exceptions.
    • Direct children to their coach/class

Inside the lobby area, there is a clearly marked red line on the floor. Once a parent/family passes this line, they may not cross it again. To exit the building, they must go through the gym to the exit on the other side of the building. Once parents exit the gym, they can no longer enter. This is to ensure there is no heavy foot traffic in the lobby area.


To exit the gym area after class:


    • Direct kids to the 6’ marked area on the floor.
    • Those students whose parents are in the gym can be released to their parents.
    • The remaining students can be escorted out for pick-up at the front of the building.  Adults must be with students at all times

Class Sizes

PDGA will temporarily be reducing its rec class sizes, so students can maintain a safe social distance

    • 6 max in jammin’ gymnastics, tumble, and ninja zone classes
    • 4 max in awesome acrobats

Class start times will be staggered (30 minutes between classes) to avoid overcrowding in the gym and to allow for cleaning and sanitizing between classes. Only two classes at each level will be allowed at a time.


Parent Viewing


Viewing has been limited to one parent.


While parents are always encouraged to watch their child(ren) practice, PDGA will need to limit in-person viewing because our parent viewing area will seat 75% fewer spectators if we are to conform to the 6-ft social distancing standards. The viewing area allows for a maximum of 8 people. If a parent gets a seat, they will be allowed a maximum of 20 minutes in the viewing area, to give other parents the chance to watch their children.

Parents must not move chairs in waiting/viewing area of gym. If no seating is available, then please wait in either the office area or outside. No standing in the gym. This affects our ability to maintain a safe social distance.


Bathroom Guidelines


Parents are encouraged to have their children go to the bathroom and wash their hands before arriving at the gym.


    • PDGA staff will need to monitor restrooms to keep everyone 6-ft apart while waiting to enter and to limit numbers in the restroom.
    • PDGA may temporarily block the boy’s restroom to accommodate the girls
    • Students who need to use the restroom during class will have to be escorted by a parent/staff member


PDGA cannot encourage using the restrooms just for handwashing. Students will no longer be allowed to change in gym. Hand sanitize before class and after class

Rec Gymnasts

All students enrolled in our recreational classes, must come to the gym dressed and ready for class. We are no longer allowing students to change in the restrooms.

Rec gymnasts may bring hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and a mask to class. All items must have child’s name clearly written on them.


For health and safety reasons, PDGA will no longer have a lost a found. All forgotten items will be disposed of at the end of the day.



All team levels will have staggered starting times to avoid overcrowding at gym entrance and inside gym area. Team gymnasts must come dressed for practice. Bathrooms will no longer be allowed for changing clothes.


Team will work on a rotation-based schedule, so gymnastics will get a rounded practice, but no one area will be overcrowded.


It is vital that team gymnasts understand the importance of social distancing and DO NOT share any of their gear, food, or space.


Team gymnasts must bring a bag big enough to contain all of the following:


    • Water bottle(s) with their name clearly written (drinking fountains can only be used to refill water bottles for safety reasons)
    • Hand sanitizer and face mask
    • Grips, wrist guards, jump-rope, athletic tape, storage container for chalk, and their own theraband.
    • Any personal items like cell phone, clothes, shoes, etc.


This is like camp - put your child’s name on everything including a brightly-colored and uniquely-distinctive bag or your PDGA backpack decorated with bright ribbons etc. that she will bring and be able to find. We urge parents to make sure that the bags get wiped down and disinfected when it arrives back home and before it enters the gym.


Team Breaks


During break, coaches will escort their gymnasts to restrooms to thoroughly wash their hands for 20 seconds. Coaches will then escort gymnasts to the designated snack area.

All athletes must stay in designated areas. No one is allowed to wander around the gym, unless to use the restroom, fill up water bottle, purchase from the vending machine, or enter/exit facility.

Families, please review the Parent Agreement Form below. Before your child attends their first class, make sure to either bring in a printed and signed copy of the agreement, or email your signed copy to Signing the agreement lets us know that you are willing to do your part to help keep PDGA/Straight A's Gymnastics Academy healthy and safe for all.

External link opens in new tab or windowCOVID-19 Parent Agreement FormCOVID-19 Parent Agreement Form

Because the flu can still affect others and is easily spread from person to person, please keep children who have flu-like symptoms at home. Symptoms include a fever of more than 100 degrees and cough or sore throat. We will be taking temperatures at the door, so if you or your child are feverish, you will not be allowed to attend class. Even though the gym is re-opening, there are still some people who are sick. Health officials say that influenza pandemics sometimes happen in waves. This means more people could become sick in the months or weeks ahead, so we want everyone at the gym to be as safe as possible.